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Susheel Ringtone Download


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Pulapaka Suseela, born on November 13, 1935, is an iconic Indian playback singer renowned for her mesmerizing vocals that have graced the South Indian cinema, particularly Andhra Pradesh, for over six decades. Fondly hailed as the Evergreen Nightingale of Indian cinema, Suseela stands tall as one of the most distinguished and celebrated playback singers in the country.

Her extraordinary talent has earned her accolades from prestigious institutions such as the Guinness Book of World Records and the Asia Book of Records, recognizing her for recording a remarkable number of songs in various Indian languages. Suseela’s illustrious career is adorned with five National Film Awards for Best Female Playback Singer, alongside numerous state honors.

She is revered not only for her unparalleled vocal prowess but also for her significant contribution to defining feminism in South Indian cinema. With her mellifluous voice, Suseela has delivered enchanting performances in over 50,000 film and devotional songs across different South Indian languages.

Susheel Ringtone Download
Susheel Ringtone Download

A milestone in her career came with the song “Naalai Intha Velai” from the Tamil film Uyarndha Manidhan, which earned her the prestigious National Film Award for Best Female Playback Singer in 1969, making her the first female singer in India to achieve this honor. Known for her impeccable diction and clear pronunciation across languages, Suseela has left an indelible mark on the music industry.

Over the span of her illustrious career, Suseela has recorded nearly 17,695 songs in various Indian languages, including Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, Bengali, Odia, Sanskrit, Tulu, and Badaga. Beyond her musical talents, she is fluent in Tamil and can converse in Hindi, Malayalam, and Kannada, showcasing the breadth of her linguistic skills while staying rooted in her Telugu heritage.

Susheel Ringtone Download MP3

Susheel Ringtone Download MP3
Susheel Ringtone Download MP3
Yun Khe Bhagat Shyoraj Hai Sarap Ghaam Ke Mandir Ringtone DownloadYun Khe Bhagat Shyoraj Hai Sarap Ghaam Ke MandirSusheela07:49
Muthu Mani Malai Ringtone DownloadMuthu Mani MalaiS. P. Balasubrahmanyam, Susheela06:39
Maanathe Marikurumbe Ringtone DownloadMaanathe MarikurumbeSusheela04:27
Janakijaane Ringtone DownloadJanakijaaneSusheela04:35
Teri Meri Katti Ho Jayegi Ringtone DownloadTeri Meri Katti Ho JayegiRam Kumar Lakha, Susheela04:44
Teri Meri Katti Ho Jayegi Ringtone DownloadTeri Meri Katti Ho JayegiRam Kumar Lakha, Susheela04:43
Rimjim Rimjim Palikenule Ringtone DownloadRimjim Rimjim PalikenuleS. P. Balasubrahmanyam, Susheela04:37
Varalakshmi Devi Ringtone DownloadVaralakshmi DeviSusheela03:00
Chinta Chettumida Chilakallaro Ringtone DownloadChinta Chettumida ChilakallaroSusheela03:04
Maavoollo Oka Paduchundhi Ringtone DownloadMaavoollo Oka PaduchundhiGhanatasala, Pithapuram Nageswara Rao05:26
Slokam Ringtone DownloadSlokamSusheela01:00
Saranam Sri Saranam Ringtone DownloadSaranam Sri SaranamSusheela04:00
Avu Puli Uyyalo Ringtone DownloadAvu Puli UyyaloSusheela08:07
Thangedu Puvvullo Chandamama Ringtone DownloadThangedu Puvvullo ChandamamaSusheela02:13
Thiruveesenthiruvee Ringtone DownloadThiruveesenthiruveeSusheela03:00
Oh Oh Yenthati Andham Ringtone DownloadOh Oh Yenthati AndhamGhanatasala, P. Susheela04:53
Viratham Viratham Ringtone DownloadViratham VirathamSusheela04:00
Akhha Lokankalum Ringtone DownloadAkhha LokankalumSusheela05:00
Kannamthaliyum Ringtone DownloadKannamthaliyumK J Yesudas, Susheela04:54
Oh Priyathama Ringtone DownloadOh PriyathamaP. Susheela04:42
Mudduloluku Ringtone DownloadMuddulolukuGhanatasala, P. Susheela03:35
Jawani Ka Yeh Alam Hai Ringtone DownloadJawani Ka Yeh Alam HaiKishore Kumar03:33
Nahin Dhan Daulat Ki Chahat Hai Ringtone DownloadNahin Dhan Daulat Ki Chahat HaiSuresh Wadkar, Susheela05:00
Dil Hai Hamara Ringtone DownloadDil Hai HamaraAsha Bhosle03:29
Neelo Kaado Chantiya Tharo Ringtone DownloadNeelo Kaado Chantiya TharoM.Srinivas, Susheela05:22
Kotta Korralapindi Ringtone DownloadKotta KorralapindiSusheela04:21
Sai Jabse Tum Mile Ho Ringtone DownloadSai Jabse Tum Mile HoSusheela04:00
Yevaru Neevaaru Ringtone DownloadYevaru NeevaaruGhanatasala03:34
Yen Thayee Ringtone DownloadYen ThayeeSusheela04:00
Maine Kale Pati Ke Sang Mat Byahiye Meri Ma Ringtone DownloadSushila SargamMaine Kale Pati Ke Sang Mat Byahiye Meri Ma03:26
Kannam Ringtone DownloadKannamK J Yesudas, Susheela04:54
Aaj Gaalat Khudu Khudu Hansale Ringtone DownloadAaj Gaalat Khudu Khudu HansaleUsha Mangeshkar03:31
Dum Dum Dum Ringtone DownloadDum Dum DumP. Susheela03:43
Subah Ki Aarti Ringtone DownloadSubah Ki AartiSusheela04:55
Yo Pahdo Mero Knu Rang Rangilo Ringtone DownloadYo Pahdo Mero Knu Rang RangiloS.P. Bhatt, Susheela05:30
Chelimi Chenthaku Ringtone DownloadChelimi ChenthakuL.R. Eswari04:00
Allah Kya Adayen Janab Laye Hai Ringtone DownloadAllah Kya Adayen Janab Laye HaiAsha Bhosle, Mahendra Kapoor, Shamshad Begum03:31
Chakkani Parkundhi Ringtone DownloadChakkani ParkundhiPithapuram Nageswara Rao, L.R. Eswari03:25
Chaar Dino Ki Dhkadhoom Ringtone DownloadChaar Dino Ki DhkadhoomS.P. Bhatt, Susheela05:50



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