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Upendra Kumar Ringtone Download


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Upendra Kumar, a luminary in the realm of Indian music direction, dedicated his talents predominantly to the realms of Kannada and Oriya cinema. His career was distinguished by a profound partnership with the legendary Dr. Rajkumar and his esteemed family lineage.

Upendra Kumar Ringtone Download

Together, they crafted a tapestry of unforgettable melodies, with Kumar often delivering his career-best compositions for the films featuring Rajkumar and his sons. Across the vast expanse of his career, Kumar’s musical genius reverberated not only in Kannada and Oriya cinema but also in the realms of Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Tulu cinema, leaving an indelible mark on the fabric of Indian film music.

With a repertoire boasting 210 films, Kumar’s oeuvre remains a testament to his enduring legacy and unwavering commitment to his craft.

Upendra Kumar Ringtone Download Mp3

Upendra Kumar Ringtone Download Mp3
1Baani Gondu Elle Ringtone DownloadBaani Gondu ElleDr. Rajkumar03:19
2Love Me Or Hate Me Ringtone DownloadLove Me Or Hate MeDr. Rajkumar04:48
3Jokae Ringtone DownloadJokaeAiraa Udupi03:27
4Chinna Baalalli Ringtone DownloadChinna BaalalliDr. Rajkumar06:11
5Cheluveya Nota Chenna Ringtone DownloadCheluveya Nota ChennaDr. Rajkumar03:05
6Idhu Yaaru Bareda Katheya Ringtone DownloadIdhu Yaaru Bareda KatheyaDr. Rajkumar04:02
7Yenyeno Aasae Ringtone DownloadYenyeno AasaeVani Jairam, Dr. Rajkumar04:31
8JOTHEYAGE HITHAVAGI Ringtone DownloadJOTHEYAGE HITHAVAGIS. Janaki, S. P. Balasubrahmanyam05:16
9Na Bidalare Endhoo Ninna Ringtone DownloadNa Bidalare Endhoo NinnaDr. Rajkumar, Vani Jairam04:12
10Kanna Notadalli Ringtone DownloadKanna NotadalliP. Susheela03:26
11Thangali Sangeetha Ringtone DownloadThangali SangeethaP. Susheela03:09
12KENAKUTHIDE NINNA Ringtone DownloadKENAKUTHIDE NINNAS. P. Balasubrahmanyam04:30
13Docheay Ringtone DownloadDocheayAiraa Udupi03:27
14Yenu Daaha Ringtone DownloadYenu DaahaDr. Rajkumar04:42
15SHILEGALU SANGEETHAVA Ringtone DownloadSHILEGALU SANGEETHAVAS. Janaki, S. P. Balasubrahmanyam04:47
16Maruthi Sevakana Maado Ringtone DownloadMaruthi Sevakana MaadoDr. Rajkumar04:25
17Yenu Daaha Ringtone DownloadYenu DaahaDr. Rajkumar04:43
18Kengalla Hanumantharaaya Ringtone DownloadKengalla HanumantharaayaDr. Rajkumar03:45
19Haadu Kogile Ringtone DownloadHaadu KogileDr. Rajkumar05:37
20Anjaneyana Ringtone DownloadAnjaneyanaDr. Rajkumar04:20
21Elli Hanumano Ringtone DownloadElli HanumanoDr. Rajkumar05:02
22Hanumana Nodidiraa Ringtone DownloadHanumana NodidiraaDr. Rajkumar03:23
23Mantralayake Hogona Ringtone DownloadMantralayake HogonaDr. Rajkumar03:35
24Eththalo Maayavaada Ringtone DownloadEththalo MaayavaadaDr. Rajkumar05:12
25Ninna Mana Ringtone DownloadNinna ManaDr. Rajkumar04:39
26NIJAVA NUDIYALE Ringtone DownloadNIJAVA NUDIYALEManjula Gururaj, Raghavendra Rajkumar05:20
27Ninnanthe Naanaagalaare Ringtone DownloadNinnanthe NaanaagalaareDr. Rajkumar04:42
28Naguveya Henne Naanu Ringtone DownloadNaguveya Henne NaanuDr. Rajkumar, H P Geetha04:26
29Baani Gondu Elle Ringtone DownloadBaani Gondu ElleDr. Rajkumar03:19
30Yee Sambhashane Ringtone DownloadYee SambhashaneS. Janaki, S. P. Balasubrahmanyam03:06
31Naa Benki Yanthe Ringtone DownloadNaa Benki YantheDr. Rajkumar, P.B. Sreenivas03:01
32AA MODA BANNALLI Ringtone DownloadAA MODA BANNALLIVani Jairam, Bangalore Latha, Dr. Rajkumar05:47
33NANNA NINNA AASE Ringtone DownloadNANNA NINNA AASEManjula Gururaj, S. P. Balasubrahmanyam04:42
34Cheluva Thumbi Nindha Ringtone DownloadCheluva Thumbi NindhaP.B. Sreenivas, H.P. Geetha03:15
35Joke Nannu Balliya Minchu Ringtone DownloadJoke Nannu Balliya MinchuL.R. Eswari03:33



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