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Unni Menon Ringtone Download


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Unni Menon, born on 2 December 1955, is a renowned Indian playback singer known for his contributions to Indian cinema. With a career spanning decades, he has lent his soulful voice to over 4000 songs in various languages including Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada. Initially starting as a relatively unknown playback singer, Menon’s career took a significant turn with the iconic song “Pudhu Vellai Mazhai” from Mani Ratnam’s critically acclaimed Tamil film “Roja” in 1992, composed by the legendary A. R. Rahman.

Unni Menon Ringtone Download
Unni Menon Ringtone Download

Menon’s collaboration with A. R. Rahman has been particularly notable, with his voice gracing nearly 27 popular songs in films like “Karuththamma” (1994) and “Minsaara Kanavu” (1997). Born in Valanchery, Kerala, to V.K.S Menon and Malathy, his father was an officer in the Tamil Nadu police and hailed from Guruvayoor in Thrissur district. Menon’s academic journey took him to Basel Evangelical Mission Higher Secondary School in Palakkad for his schooling, followed by Government Victoria College, Palakkad, where he graduated with a degree in Physics. His passion for music was evident from a young age, with numerous accolades and prizes won in competitions during his school and college years.

Unni Menon Ringtone Download MP3

Unni Menon Ringtone Download MP3
Unni Menon Ringtone Download MP3
Vaalu Kanuladaanaa Ringtone DownloadUnni MenonPremikula Roju05:53
Nadhiyae Ringtone DownloadUnni MenonRhythm06:51
Minnalai Pidithu Ringtone DownloadUnni MenonShajahaan04:52
Prema Ane Ringtone DownloadSwarnalatha, Unni MenonPremikula Roju06:44
Kannukkulle Ringtone DownloadUnni MenonPennin Manathai Thottu04:43
Mel Isaiyae Ringtone DownloadUnni Menon, SwarnalathaMr. Romeo06:12
Dhandiya Ringtone DownloadKavita Krishnamurthy, M G Sreekumar, Unni MenonPremikula Roju07:49
Nannu Lalinchu Ringtone DownloadUnni Menon, Sujatha MohanCheppave Chirugalee04:34
Maa Logililo Ringtone DownloadS. P. Balasubrahmanyam, Unni Menon, K. S. Chithra, Sujatha MohanMaa Annayya04:28
Kural Kekkutha Ringtone DownloadHesham Abdul Wahab, Unni MenonHridayam02:33
Karu Karu Karupayi Ringtone DownloadUnni Menon, Anuradha Sriram, DevaEazhaiyin Sirippil (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)05:13
Oru Chembaneer Ringtone DownloadUnni MenonSthidhi04:35
Kannalay Miya Miya Ringtone DownloadUnni Menon, SrivardhiniAlli Thantha Vaanam04:54
Thiruvaavaniraavu Ringtone DownloadShaan Rahman, Unni Menon, Sithara, Meera ScharmaJacobinte Swargarajyam04:01
Rojappoo Kavilathu Ringtone DownloadUnni Menon, Sujatha MohanChandaamaama04:28
Machcha Machchiniyae Ringtone DownloadUnni MenonStar05:14
Viswamam Dwarakayil Ringtone DownloadUnni MenonKrishna Keerthanam03:19
Chittikkurivi Ringtone DownloadUnni Menon, Sujatha MohanMullavalliyum Thenmavum (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)04:16
Aarumkothikkum Ninte Ringtone DownloadUnni MenonJesus05:34
Kural Kekkutha Ringtone DownloadHesham Abdul Wahab, Unni MenonHridayam (Side B)02:33
Kalusukundama Ringtone DownloadUnni Menon, Anupama Deshapande, Chinmayi SripadaNee Manasu Naaku Telusu05:35
Priyanka Ringtone DownloadUnni MenonPriyanka (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)04:48
Vaalu Kanuladaanaa Ringtone DownloadUnni MenonMusically A. R. Rahman – Telugu05:52
Theninimaiyilum Ringtone DownloadUnni MenonTamil Christian Traditional Songs04:38
Aksharam Panchathatshram Ringtone DownloadUnni MenonAnnamalaiyar04:19
Maranamethunna Ringtone DownloadUnni MenonSpirit (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)03:25
Aakasham Maarum Ringtone DownloadUnni MenonJesus05:14
Ellam Yesuve Ringtone DownloadUnni MenonTamil Christian Traditional Songs05:05
Daasare Ittharaniyai Ringtone DownloadUnni MenonTamil Christian Traditional Songs04:37
Ninna Len Ringtone DownloadK. S. Chithra, S. Sowmya, Unni Menon180 (Telugu)03:38
Anbe Enn Kathadikkuthu Ringtone DownloadUnni Menon, Sujatha MohanNinaivirukkum Varai05:24
Prema Ane Ringtone DownloadUnni Menon, SwarnalathaMusically A. R. Rahman – Telugu06:44
Vaalu Kanuladaanaa Ringtone DownloadUnni MenonA.R. Rahman – The Musical Storm – Telugu05:50
Kanna Nee Odivaru Ringtone DownloadUnni MenonKrishna Keerthanam06:14
Guruvayurambalathil Ringtone DownloadUnni MenonKrishna Keerthanam04:42
Maayakari Ringtone DownloadHarris Jayaraj, Unni Menon, Bombay JayashriThe Legend04:43
Ekantha Chandrike Ringtone DownloadM G Sreekumar, Unni MenonIn Harihar Nagar (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)04:21
Poomkatte Ringtone DownloadK. S. Chithra, Unni MenonShyama04:22
Poralea Ponnu Thai (Sad) Ringtone DownloadUnni Menon, Sujatha MohanKaruthamma06:26
Thotte Ringtone DownloadUnni Menon, Ala B BalaMaarconi Mathaai (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)03:56
Sandhikkatha Kangalil Ringtone DownloadK. S. Chithra, S. Sowmya, Unni Menon180 (Tamil)03:38



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