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Master Saleem Ringtone Download


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Master Saleem, also known as Saleem Shahzada, emerges as a distinguished figure in the realm of Indian music, celebrated for his profound contributions both as a devotional and playback singer in Bollywood. Renowned for his mesmerizing renditions, he has left an indelible mark on the industry with notable appearances in iconic films such as “Heyy Babyy” (2007), “Dostana,” and “Love Aaj Kal” (2009).

Master Saleem Ringtone Download

Beyond his cinematic feats, Saleem has enriched the musical landscape with a plethora of private albums, spanning the rich tapestry of Punjabi and Sufi music. His lineage is steeped in musical heritage, being the offspring of the esteemed vocalist Sh. ‘Pooran Shah Koti’ and the immensely talented ‘Mrs. Madhu Shah Koti’.

Initiated into the world of melodies at a tender age of six under the tutelage of his father, Saleem exhibited remarkable prowess, unveiling his debut album “CHARKHE DI GHOOK” at a mere age of ten. This seminal work not only showcased his innate musicality but also heralded his profound understanding of Sufi music, captivating audiences with its depth and resonance. The legacy of his father, a stalwart in Sufi singing, further imbued Saleem’s journey with a sense of heritage and tradition.

Hailed as a prodigy, Saleem’s mastery over Sufi melodies continues to captivate audiences worldwide, earning him accolades and admiration. His association with Punjab’s esteemed Raj gayak, Hans Raj Hans, further underscores his musical prowess, with Hans treating him as a kin, a testament to Saleem’s stature in the musical fraternity.

Master Saleem Ringtone Download Mp3

Master Saleem Ringtone Download Mp3
1Mast Kalandar Ringtone DownloadRehan Khan, Shankar Mahadevan, Sajid Khan, Master SaleemHeyy Babyy05:45
2Jai Mata Di Ringtone DownloadMaster SaleemJai Mata Di04:52
3Humka Peeni Hai Ringtone DownloadWajid, Shabab Sabri, Master SaleemDabangg05:13
4Mauj Lag Gaee Ringtone DownloadMaster SaleemMela Maiya Da,Aaj Hai Jagrata,Meri Maiya05:56
5Razia Ringtone DownloadMaster Saleem, Ritu PathakThank You04:52
6Rola Pe Gaya Ringtone DownloadMahalakshmi Iyer, Hard Kaur, Shankar Mahadevan, Earl Edgar D’souza, Master SaleemPatiala House04:28
7Jingle Jingle Ringtone DownloadMohit Chauhan, Farhid, Master SaleemBadmaash Company04:28
8Chola Sajda Ringtone DownloadMaster SaleemMela Maiya Da,Aaj Hai Jagrata,Meri Maiya05:09
9Balle Balle Ringtone DownloadMaster SaleemAjj Hai Jagrata05:21
10Kamli Ringtone DownloadMaster SaleemAjj Hai Jagrata04:26
11Band Baaja Baaraat – Mashup Ringtone DownloadSalim Merchant, Sunidhi Chauhan, Benny Dayal, Shreya Ghoshal, Natalie Di Luccio, Himani Kapoor, Harshdeep Kaur, Labh Januja, Shraddha Pandit, Abhijit Vaghani, Sukhwinder Singh, Sunny Subramanian, Master SaleemYRF Mashup04:25
12Meri Maa Ringtone DownloadMaster SaleemMela Maiya Da,Aaj Hai Jagrata,Meri Maiya05:05
13Ganesh Vandna Ringtone DownloadMaster SaleemAjj Hai Jagrata04:20
14Aa Jaao Darshan Kar Lo Ringtone DownloadMaster SaleemMela Maiya Da,Aaj Hai Jagrata,Meri Maiya03:54
15Meri Maiyya Ringtone DownloadMaster SaleemMela Maiya Da,Aaj Hai Jagrata,Meri Maiya04:43
16Chamki Jawaani Ringtone DownloadMamta Sharma, Daler Mehndi, Master SaleemYamla Pagla Deewana06:03
17Teri Jai Ho Ganesh Ringtone DownloadMaster SaleemMela Maiya Da06:35
18Mere Bholenath Mere Bholenath Ringtone DownloadMaster SaleemMere Bhole Nath04:54
19Tashan Mein Ringtone DownloadVishal, Master Saleem, Piyush MishraTashan05:06
20Maa Katre Wali Ringtone DownloadMaster SaleemMaa Katre Wali04:06
21Look Lak Ringtone DownloadMaster SaleemSirphire04:04
22Bhole Nath Ringtone DownloadMaster SaleemShiv Bhola Bhandhari05:20
23Mahi Da Mahi Da Ringtone DownloadNachhatar Gill, Gurmit Singh, Shweta Pandit, Master SaleemMaahi06:43
24Disco Khisko – Remix Ringtone DownloadAbhijit Vaghani, Master SaleemBollywood Remix04:14
25Mitthian Muradan Ringtone DownloadMaster SaleemJai Mata Di04:20
26Shiv Vivah Ringtone DownloadMaster SaleemAjj Hai Jagrata06:32
27Humka Peeni Hai Ringtone DownloadWajid, Shabab Sabri, Master SaleemHappy Hours05:13
28Chal Bhagta Ringtone DownloadMaster SaleemJai Jai Kaar04:42
29Jai Kali Ringtone DownloadMaster SaleemAjj Hai Jagrata05:34
30Naseeba Ringtone DownloadKhan Saab, Kamal Khan, Feroz Khan, Sher Mian Dad Khan, Master SaleemNaseeba03:52
31Sohne Da Darbar Ringtone DownloadMaster SaleemJai Mata Di04:46
32Jai Ho Ganesh Ringtone DownloadMaster SaleemJai Mata Di04:38
33Salaam Zindagi Ringtone DownloadArun Daga, Mohammed Irfan, Master SaleemLamhaa06:53
34Rakhna Laaj Ringtone DownloadMaster SaleemJai Jai Kaar06:10
35Jai Shiv Shanker Ringtone DownloadMaster SaleemMere Bhole Nath04:56
36Laal Rang Maa Ringtone DownloadMaster SaleemMela Maiya Da,Aaj Hai Jagrata,Meri Maiya04:47
37Humka Peeni Hai (Remix) Ringtone DownloadWajid, Shabab Sabri, Master SaleemDabangg04:26



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